WELLNESS FOREST Company was designed to become one of the market leaders in herbal supplements industry to offer a unique quality products that helps people to stay healthy, increase productivity and reduce health care costs . We know then what many are coming to realize now that plants and people evolved together, that we are inextricably linked, and that plants hold the wisdom we need to heal us.

Market research indicates that there is a significant need for quality and affordable supplement within Ghana and we believe that by providing products that meet their needs. With responsive management, we will integrate sustainable business practices wherever possible, by using an efficient distribution system. Every member of the Wellness Forest team plays an integral role in maintaining the integrity of our products. We will ensure that we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards by meeting our client’s needs precisely and completely.


Mission Statement

We dedicate ourselves to lead through awareness programs the quest of our customers for a healthier, longer happier life they will obtain through our innovative products.


Our Vision

To become the most admired health supplement producer and distributor by leading the modernization of traditional health improving products through awareness, innovation and pioneering research, while offering and distributing effective, safe and reliable products.

Our Corporate Positioning Statement

Wellness Forest delivers professional, quality, safe and reliable herbal supplemental products through innovation and pioneering research in the modernization of traditional healthcare.


Our Values

Care: People are our greatest assets. We are committed to act with care and compassion for all.

Service: Service above self, a credo we live by. We are committed to serving our customers and our community with excellence, respect and devotion.

Integrity: Being ethical and honest in everything that we do, is at the heart of our DNA.