“Wellness Forest”
Search for partners in its DM Franchise Business:  

“Wellness Forest” seeks partners to expand its Distribution & Marketing (DM) Franchise Business model across Africa and over time across the World. Therefore it seeks Master Franchisee’s for Exclusive representation of “Wellness Forest” across the continent of Africa. 

Franchisor grants the right to an entity (the master franchisee) for a specific country, region or continent, empowering the master franchisee to provide the full range of products and services of the franchisor through sub-franchising, in just the same way that the franchisor runs its own business. The master franchisee, in addition to having the right and obligation to open and operate a number of locations in a designated area, also has the right and obligation to recruit other franchisees with his territory or continent.

Low entry investments to become Master Franchisee (Country) or Supreme Franchisee licenses (Continent) are available..

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“Wellness Forest“ is a strong brand what’s imperative in today’s marketplace for the consumer as well as the franchise. The franchisor's brand “Wellness Forest” is a valued brand in the market of herbal health products. The franchise sales and trademark is an attractive brand very much desired by franchisees. “Wellness Forest” being a recognizable mark is a key element - staying in the mind of investors.


Fundamental in developing “Wellness Forest” strong franchise system is having clearly documented policies and procedures in place for operating the business across Africa. Along with the brand recognition, a tested and successful business model, as “Wellness Forest” - Distribution & Marketing (DM) Franchise is the reason why potential investors/franchisees are considering buying in purchasing the business model. “Wellness Forest” has operations and training manuals to help the Franchisee with the day to day operation of the business.