December 21, 2019 - BY Admin

Importance of Stress Relief (1)

I get stressed, you get stressed; everybody gets stressed from time to time. It’s like one of the laws of nature. But then when it happens, you have to unwind. I like to call it stress relief, but I’m not the only one; a lot of doctors like to call it stress relief too, unwinding after you have gotten stressed. And how you do it is entirely up to you, but do it you must.

 Stress relief is vital to all humans. Without it you will get people blowing up all over the place all over the time because their stress levels have gotten too high. You don't want that, do you? So find a way to relieve your stress. A lot of medical people have done research and come up with the conclusion that a lot of the diseases we have to live with are inexorably tied to our emotions, and nothing triggers emotions quite like stress. If you are going to beat illness, you must beat the stress.

 Relieving stress is not an option, but an absolute necessity in today’s world. What, with all the pressures of daily life and of society, it is a wonder half the world isn't crazy already. Or perhaps we all are and we just don't know it. You have got to give yourself a break, or else you’ll break.

It does not matter how much you love each other, you will get on each other’s nerves from time to time. It is not that the love is dwindling or anything, it’s just that you are different people and you need to create some space so that you can be yourself a little. Don't do it together; take some time apart – a day or two – to be free and relieve that stress.

 Stress relief is when you say no to all the trouble everybody is handing to you in a polite way and just walk away from it for a minute. You don't have to do it physically; there are ways you can make it happen in your mind. But you do need to do it so that you can get your mind back.

People often don't know how much emotion they are bottling up until it all comes to a head. It happens suddenly and they blow up in your face because of the pent up stress. They must let that stress out otherwise it will undo them. I know this stress relief technique I saw in a movie the other day, and I totally think it works! Just close your eyes when you feel like saying something really hot to someone, let out your breath, and say ‘Goooose-fraaabaaa!’ You’ll love it, guarantee that.

Stress relief can happen anyhow you want it too. I know artists like to pour feeling into their work, but you could do it differently. Find something that you are passionate about and let it all out. It is extremely healthy to do so. All of those successful men you see on the tally are that way because they mastered stress relief. They must get stressed too, but they don't cave under it because they know how to handle it. So do you know how to handle yours? If you don't, begin to look for that now.

When you find that you are beginning to get grumpy about everything with everybody, you know that you need stress relief. You don't have to understand or analyze it; you just need stress relief. And you had better get it before you begin to hurt people. Some of the worst accidents in life happen when you are stressed. You begin to make errors of judgment and questionable calls that could put lives in danger. You must learn to provide your mind with the needed relief from that stress, otherwise you’d break.

The more stressed up you get, the crankier; and soon enough everybody around you will know it too. There is only one way to handle it, and that is to get stress relief. You don't have to do it the way the other guys does, you simply have to find your own rhythm.